James Wruth
Realtor, Expert, Compassionate, Driven to Help


James Wruth

Hi I’m James Wruth and I am continually inspired and motivated by my clients. It’s what drives me. 

It’s what led me to one of my founding business principles… “Provide more service than I get paid for”

As a husband and father of 3 girls I fully understand the pace and complexities of modern life and the seemingly daunting process of buying or selling a home. On top of day to day life most people who buy or sell a home are driven to do so by a specific event which can in itself be stressful; such as an upcoming wedding, a divorce, a new job, a lost job, retirement, a death in the family, upsizing, downsizing, a new baby, a new city…

On top of that people ask themselves, how do I achieve top dollar for my home?  Who can I trust to advise us with our best interest at heart? How do I find an expert as well as someone who understands my specific needs and challenges?

I’ve spent over a decade helping people successfully navigate those challenges, understanding not only the desire to purchase or sell a home, but the “why” behind it. 

When I see a smile on my clients’ face and hear them say “James, you made it so easy”, I know I’ve succeeded.

So a little bit more about me…

I am a Remax Hall of Fame member and consistent Top Producer…which simply means that I’m at the top of my field.  What you may not know is:

·         It took me 10 years of hard work, learning, failing, growing, to become an expert at my trade

·         Moving from small town Saskatchewan to Regina meant I knew very few people when I started out; so I’ve had to build my business one satisfied client at a time

·         I’ve built 100% of my business on referrals from satisfied clients. No advertising schemes, gimmicks, cold calling or door knocking.  My Key to Success? 

                         “Provide exceptional service before, during and after the sale”

Other fun facts about me:

·         I obtained a Bachelors of Commerce degree from the U of S and left a corporate career to pursue my passion and interest in real estate…my mother still has issues with all those tuition fee’s!

·         I am an avid outdoorsmen and hunter although my wife is convinced that I am either the world’s worst hunter or I’m hunting Bigfoot  as I’ve never brought anything home to show for it.

·         I drive a full size truck.  It’s the only vehicle capable of effectively driving clients all 4 seasons or through 3 feet of snow while towing a fellow realtor’s BMW out of a snow bank. I can also haul a camper and boat, my kids with all their soccer gear….or Bigfoot when I eventually catch him!

 So if you’re looking to buy or sell a home and want a professional by your side to advise and assist you through every aspect; where at the end of the journey you feel really good about the process and end result, I’m your realtor. Feel free to email or call me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you. 


James Wruth