Best James,




The gratitude and appreciation my family and I have for you is hard to articulate in words!! Moving across the globe brings its own character building exercises not to mention facing the unfamiliar environment to find a suitable home for us to start our life here in Canada...




In hind site, your ability to step in and totally take ownership of finding "the best" home defused all concerns I had from day one. You were honest in ways that I did not expect from realtors as on many occasions you shared your opinion and advise to rather keep looking.. "This is not the one for you Lukas, let's keep looking!" 




You were a referral for us and I would gladly recommend you not only as an astonishing relator having our best interest at heart, but as a friend as well! 




Thank you James for your passion and dedication and for making our move to Canada so special!




Sincerely grateful!!


The Terblanche Family

Lukas Terblanche and Family
May 26, 2017


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